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How to get the most out of your A-List account

Congratulations, you've upgraded to A-List!

There are a bunch of perks that come with your A-List account. Here's how to get the most out of them.

See everyone who's liked you
Visit the Who Likes You page to see everyone who's Liked you (that you haven't Liked yet). You can also look for blue circles around photos on this page to find the people who've sent you an Introduction message along with their Like!

Remember, if you and someone else Like each other, we'll let them know even if they're not A-List!
If you see someone Likes you, and you're interested but don't want to send the first message, Like them back! We'll let them know you Like each other, even if they're not A-List. (You should totally send the first message, though. You got this. 💪🏽)

Set advanced search filters
We recommend not too many at once! A-List gives you the option to search with a few extra filters in Discovery -- you can find out who else likes watching movies with subtitles, or can't stand cilantro -- but remember that each search filter you add will decrease the number of people you see in your search results. With search filters (as with cilantro) it's best to be sparing.

See when your message has been read
Within conversations, you'll be able to see when your most recent sent message has been read. If they're not able to reply right away, don't worry! Sometimes people can check messages but don't have time to reply as thoroughly as they'd like. Hang tight!

Enjoy the ad-free life
Hear that? It's the sweet sound of no advertising. Enjoy using OkCupid with no interruptions.