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How OkCupid prevents harassment

OkCupid does not tolerate harassment, hate speech, or bullying. In addition to looking through reports from our members, we take three unique proactive steps to prevent harassment on our platform.

1. Member Pledge

Before anyone can interact with the OkCupid community they must first agree not to send any harassing or unwanted, sexually explicit messages. We’re the first site to do so. 

2. Message Prompts

We show prompts when someone composes a message, reminding them to be kind. The prompts vary between several options.



3. Machine Learning

We have a custom built machine learning tool which looks at the text of reported messages and prompts you to report a message that may include harassing or overly sexual speech.



Please note that the AI does make mistakes, so if you sent a nice message but it got picked up by the AI, don't be insulted! The person who you messaged can just click “No, this is fine” and our system will learn for next time.