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Someone has taken over my account

Your OkCupid account may have been taken over if you see the following: We can assure you that OkCupid is secure. All passwords on OkCupid are encrypted and not even support staff can see what they are.

Account takeovers like this generally happen because people have accessed your login information. That can happen in a few ways. The simplest, of course, is using a password that's easy to guess. Another option is because of a breach on another site. If you use the same password on several different sites or services, then your accounts on all of them have the potential to be taken over if one site has a security breach. Lists including your email address and passwords can be sold to bad actors who will try your password on lots of different sites until they find one that works. 

See the bottom of this article for tips on how to prevent account takeovers.

If you received a notification that we noticed suspicious activity on your account:

We’ve already locked out anyone using your account and changed your password for you. Use the link in the email to choose a new password. If the link directs you to an expired page, you may need to clear your cookies and cache.

If you suspect your account has been taken over and have not gotten an email from us:

Step 1. Make sure the email address on your account is still yours. If your email address has been changed, go to step 3.

Step 2. Change your password 
To do this:

Option One: Go to the password reset page and enter your email address. This will automatically log you out, change your password, and send you a login link to choose a new password.

Option Two: Go to your Account Settings page and choose a new password. 

If you need additional help:

Let us know if you need additional help

How to protect your OkCupid account