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Photo rules

Photos are a great way to share a lot of information about yourself without needing to type anything. Our photo rules are in place to make sure that others can get a good sense of who you are before sending you an introduction. 
Where to upload different types of photos

To make it easy for people to see you and what you're all about, we have two places you can upload photos.
1. Your Profile Photos Album should contain only photos of you.
Note: If you upload a photo that is not of you to your Profile Photos album, it may be flagged and removed. If this happens, you’ll get an email reminding you about the photo rules. As long as the photo doesn’t break any of our other rules (see below) feel free to upload the same photo to your profile essays instead.

2. Your Profile Essays can contain other types of photos: Note: We do not allow copyright photos anywhere on OkCupid, including in Profile essays, so don't upload memes, photos that other people have taken, or photos saved from the internet.


Photo Rules

Photos containing any of the following content may be flagged and deleted, and depending on content may also result in your account being banned.


Just as you wouldn't wear a ski mask hiding your face at a single's bar and expect to get a phone number, anonymous photos are not appropriate on OkCupid. You do need to upload a photo of yourself in order to send introductions to other people. After all, it's only fair that both people get to see what the other looks like.

If you're especially shy or have privacy concerns, we do have an Incognito option which allows you to hide your profile and photos to everyone on OkCupid unless you have Liked their profile.