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My photo uploaded sideways (or upside down), what do I do?

If you’re on the app or desktop website, the photo should upload exactly as it’s saved on your device. You may want to check the original to make sure it’s saved the way you’d like it to be! There are some operating systems which will let you rotate the view of a photo without actually fully changing the photo itself, so the photo may show as rightside up on your device but then not on OkCupid.

If you’re uploading photos from the mobile website, you may experience a known issue in which some photos are being automatically rotated when they’re uploaded. Sorry about that! If you jump to the app or the full website, this shouldn’t happen.

There’s no way to rotate a photo once it’s uploaded to OkCupid, you'll have to reupload it.

More info on photo troubleshooting here.