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How to see new messages/ introductions

We think it's best when conversations are between people who are interested in each other. However, on OkCupid (unlike other sites) you have the opportunity to see introductions from people before you've liked them. After all, an introduction is a great way to find out more about someone, so why wouldn't we let you factor that into your decision about whether to Like them or not?

These introductions now appear along with someone's profile information on DoubleTake and on their full profile page.  If you're interested in their message and profile, click to "Like" them and the message will move to your conversations page, where you can reply to them. We will always highlight people who have sent you an introduction in blue so you can easily find them, and we'll show the introduction right on their profile page so you don't have to click anywhere else to read it. 

If you see a message and profile from someone you don't like, Pass on them and that message won't go to your conversations page. 

This way, your inbox isn't cluttered and you're only seeing conversations from people you're interested in. We do the sorting for you!

Seeing new messages on DoubleTake

DoubleTake (the swipe interface on the app) shows you profiles one at a time.

If someone has sent you a message, you'll see "They messaged you!" along with their photos - we always make sure you know who has messaged you, and we put them towards the top of your DoubleTake queue if they sent you a message, so you won't miss them!

On the app, tap on the DoubleTake card to view their full profile. From there, you'll see the message they sent you right below their photos.

On the web, you'll see the message below the photos on DoubleTake automatically; you can also click "View Profile" to jump to their full profile. 

Seeing new messages from Match Search/Discovery

You can also see messages in Browse Matches (the magnifying glass icon on the app).

Anyone who has sent you a message will have blue around their photo in your search results. We'll place them towards the top so you don't miss them.

To see their profile and the message they sent you, click/tap on the thumbnail icon to see their full profile. 

Replying to messages

As soon as you Like someone, the message will move to your conversations page (the speech bubble icon on the app). You can also reply to the message right from their profile page!