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How to Make a Great Profile

Believe us — a little profile TLC goes a long way. Here are a few things you’ll want to do when setting up your OkCupid profile.

Editing your profile is easy on the web and on the app: click/tap the pencil icon next to what you want to edit. For example, to edit a profile prompt, click/tap the pencil icon next to that prompt!

Fill Out Your Essays and Preferences
This is where you do you! Have fun (but be honest) in the profile prompts, basics, background and details. The more you add that’s specific to you, the more likely you are to connect with interesting, likeminded people. Your responses to profile prompts show potential matches who you are and why they should date you. So express yourself!

Make sure to be honest, specific, and fun. That way, people who message you will have plenty to talk about. If you don’t want to fill out a section, just leave it blank. We’ll leave it off your profile.

Looking For
The Looking For part of your profile lets us know who you want to see in DoubleTake and in other site suggestions. This is also publicly displayed on your profile so that other people can see who you're looking for.

The Details section of your profile has information on your education, religion, pets, diet, etc. Click/tap the pencil icon to make changes.

Answer Match Questions
Answering Match Questions informs your Match Percentage with people, and helps us show you more people who you’re likely to be socially compatible with.

Update As Often As the Seasons
Keep your profile and pictures current. Add a new band or book you’re into, or post a photo from a recent trip.

Managing Profile Photos
You can see all the photos you’ve uploaded by visiting your Photos page. Use this page to upload new photos, edit the captions for your photos, or delete photos. If you're having trouble uploading a photo, or other questions not addressed here, this page has some troubleshooting tips.

Photo Rules

Your photos must follow our rules. The rules ensure that you will see real people, and they will see the real you.

You do not have to show your face in profile photos, but the photo must be of you, and it cannot be an extreme close up of just one body part. For example, a photo of just your tattoo or your foot is not okay, but a photo of you from behind or in silhouette or from the neck down is okay. Please follow the rules! We’ll be sad if we have to delete your photos.

The above rules apply to your Photos of You album only.  You can upload anything you like to the "More Photos" album (as long as you own the photo, and there is not full nudity). The "More Photos" album is only visible to people on the full/ desktop version of the site at the moment, not on the apps.

You can also choose to link your Instagram feed to your profile for even more photos!  

Instagram Albums
You can now add your instagram photos as an album on your profile. You cannot select individual photos from instagram to include-- it will automatically show all photos from your feed. You can unlink the Instagram album at any time by clicking the “disconnect” button at the top right of the album.