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How to re-answer Match Questions

We have a 24 hour hold in place to re-answer new match questions so that you can be sure that everyone is answering honestly the first time.

If you accidentally entered the wrong answer, you can explain your answer before those 24 hours are over, so that anyone who sees your answer will also see what you meant to enter. Once the 24 hour hold is over, you can re-answer a question on the web by clicking "re-answer" next to the question. You can delete the answer completely by then clicking "clear question."

On the app, tap the question you'd like to re-answer. Make any changes you'd like, then tap Submit. You can delete the answer completely by tapping "Skip question."

There is no way to clear all of your answers at once. Clearing all of your answers would fully reset your match percentages to zero. Questions can be re-answered one by one.